Plastics & The Environment

Designing brands today while focusing on the environment for tomorrow…



From developing containers with optimized bottle weights to building our manufacturing facilities to be LEED Silver compliant the Axium team is environmentally conscious in all aspects of it’s business and makes it the priority in what we do.

  • Material For The Future...

    Our R&D group focuses heavily on researching, testing and commercializing the latest material trends that support our sustainability initiatives including:

    • filler materials for light weighting
    • Plant Based Resin
    • Bi-modal grades
    • PCR
    • liquid colors
    • high concentrate masterbatches
  • Machine Platform For The Future...

    From electric machines to a closed loop system our platform is built around minimizing and eliminating waste throughout all steps of the molding process.

    Our EBM technology is ideally suited to run either mono-layer with 100% PCR throughout the entire container, 6 layer barrier technology for extended shelf life or tri-layer capabilities to add PCR in the middle layer while keeping the inner layer virgin. Tri-layer also offers our customers significant savings when running expensive pearlescent colors by only running the colorant in the outer layer.

  • Facilities For The Future...

    State of the art facilities built to be environmentally friendly along with near site locations in close proximity to our customers fill locations, “AXIUM’S GOAL IS TO REDUCE THE MILES FROM MANUFACTURE TO FILL” minimizing our transportation lead-time and ultimately reducing our carbon footprint.