Innovation & Ideation Center

Our Team of “Industry Experts” works with you, helping to brand your products for the future.

Design & Innovation

The “Innovation Center” takes your concepts, market studies and uses the latest trends in packaging to bring your brand to life! Our team takes a collaboratove approach to launching new products; making sure the package is not only aesthetically appealing but; functional and optimal in a production envirionment.

Design & Innovation
  • Market research and analysis
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Ideation and concept sketches
  • Adobe Creative Suite and digital render software
  • Analyze existing bottle designs to optimize & reduce weight
  • Photo realistic product renderings
  • FEA and material flow simulation

Engineering Capabilities

  • Full In house CAD modeling and engineering drawings (Solidworks)
  • In-house SLA prototypes
    • Clear, white and rubberized materials
    • Appearance and functional models
  • Library of various resins for product testing
  • A catalogue of stock molds and preforms to choose from
Engineering Capabilities