Injection Molding

High efficiency, enhanced strength along with automated operations…


Axium offers one of the most efficient, technologically advanced all electric Injection Molding platforms available in the industry. They have a robust platform to support smaller more specialized injection parts all the way to mass market high cavitation/high volume closures. Their machines are robotic and fully automated to efficiently manufacture and assemble all of your component needs.

Core Compentencies

  • Flip top caps
  • Screw Top Closures
  • Multi-Piece Assembled Closures
  • Injection Molded Tubes

Typical Resins

  • Polypropylene – PP
  • Polystyrene – PS

Markets Served

  • Personal Care Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceuticals Pharmaceutical/ Neutraceuticals
  • Household Chemical Household Chemical
im Advantages
  • Injection molding allows for high production output rates
  • Inserts can be used in the mold. Filler materials can be added for strength
  • Tight tolerances on small intricate parts
  • More than one material may be used at the same time when utilizing co-injection molding
  • Minimal scrap/waste
  • Full automation